Goals And Goal Sharing


Goals are something that have always been a part of any of my successful endeavors in life. Some goals were the result of careful thought and planning such as the path I took to become a SCUBA instructor or when I created my construction company. Other goals were made out of sheer necessity, such as when I moved to Washington state from Florida in order to survive the “great recession”.

Recently I have been revisiting the idea of conscious goal setting as a way of creating or designing my new and ever changing life. All successful people have goals in mind. Many people today ask the question, “What is your why?”, when it comes to success in your business. Apparently, your “why” is what determines your goals. What is the driving force behind your goal? This important question will determine what the motivation of your most important goals are.

According to   in his article, The ultimate goal setting blog, “The significance of goal setting is valued a lot more than you think-that’s why books about it are written to target people of all ages. It’s a concept that needs great preparation and develops overtime. Once you understand and embrace the concept of Goals, you will see and hear it all around you and notice that it is one of the most common exercises of all successful people. If you don’t consider yourself a practitioner of goals, you’re probably not aware that goals can be both short and long term.

What is goal setting exactly? Goal setting is like a motto, a hook, or a phrase that’s always on your mind, just like a jingle you’d remember from a commercial. The things you do, say or hear in your everyday life will subconsciously trigger you to act out your goals and move closer to the desired target. A lot of work and thought-processes go into goal setting, but once you get the hang of it, it will come to you naturally.”

Once you have figured out your “why”, it is time to start making your goals. Not by just thinking of them, but by writing them down. An even more powerful way to record your goals for reference is to do exactly that. Record them. You know, on that voice recording feature on your phone that most of us never use. If possible put them in a “loop” recording that you can play back to yourself on a low volume when you are sleeping. This way you will be ingraining your goals into your subconscious using your own voice. After several days of this process you should notice that your actions in your day to day life will start to mimic your goals through the subconscious decisions you make on a daily basis.

My intention of this blog is to set a new course of action towards my goals, where I will be implementing these and many other goal setting strategies. One of which, I just did by sharing my goal with all of you. This technique I just learned from a suggestion by Jamie Dunn in his article, “How to achieve your goals”.  I like to call this technique “goal sharing”. According to Jamie,” you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals if you share them with people.”

Please share your comments and this post with your friends who might find these techniques useful. I will be back soon to post my results and future research into goals.



Felix Baumgartner Makes History Today    

Started my day off great today. I awoke,made some coffee, then sat down at my laptop as I usually do to check what my emails,e-wallet and Facebook have to say. Just in time, I came across a link via YouTube live to http://www.redbullstratos.com/live. Within seconds my eyes were glued to a 43 year old base jumper named Felix Baumgartner, sitting suspended from a balloon in a capsule over 128,000 feet above the earth about to make history. Along with 7.2 million others.


I watched in anticipation as Felix Baumgartner goes through the pre-jump checklist with his mentor and world record holder, Colonel Joe Kittinger . Who’s previous records from 1960, dropping from 102,800 feet from the excelsior III over Tularoosa, New Mexico, has yet to be broken.

In the name of advancing knowledge that could contribute to developing life saving measures for pilots and astronauts. They meticulously check all of Felix’s life support system within his suit. Once they feel comfortable with the results, Joe has Felix  break the sealed safety of his pressurized cabin by opening the door to the capsule. Kittinger then asks Felix to start disconnecting himself from the on board tethers and life support, used on his way up.Verbally, Joe then guides Felix out of the capsule where he stands upon the jump platform of the Stratos. The Stratos is an 8′x11′ capsule that serves as his elevator to 24 miles above the earth via a 695′ tall balloon.

Felix stands upon the platform stating, “I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to get up really high to know how small you are.” Then, without hesitation, Felix pushes himself off the Stratos sending him plummeting toward the New Mexico desert!

At just over 45 seconds into the dive, Felix hits 729 mph hour and starts tumbling out of control for what seemed forever. I sat on the edge of my seat, wondering if I was about to watch this man’s death.  Thirty seconds after apparently losing control, he then rights himself and assumes a controlled head down position. Cheers ring out from the support crew and family in Roswell, New Mexico.

In this controlled free fall, Felix reaches an astonishing 833.9 mph! Which is also 1.24 times the speed of sound,(mach1)! For an approximate 119 thousand foot free fall. Then at 4 minutes and 17 seconds his parachute starts to deploy. Within ten minutes of the beginning of his jump he lands picture perfect on his feet. After a couple of steps, Felix drops to his knees with arms and fist raised in the air.Obviously elated at his feat.

Baumgartner broke several world records today Including; the greatest free fall distance. Falling  approximately 119,000 feet. The highest vertical speed in free fall was definitely set at Mach 1.24, This record was set exactly 65 years to the day ofthe first supersonic flight, achieved by Chuck Yeager in the rocket-powered Bell X-1 named Glamorous Glennis. The record for highest absolute altitude reached by manned balloon was set today at 24 miles above the earth! However, Colonel Joe Kittinger still holds the record for longest time in free fall. It is my belief that this was due to the fact of the enormous speed that Baumgartner was falling.

During the press conference that came later in the afternoon, Joe Kittinger stated that he would like to give a “one finger salute” to all those nay sayers that thought Felix would “come apart” as he approached the speed of sound





Watch this epic history making event by clicking here!




Just received this emailfrom David Sharpe and wanted to share it with my readers in case you have not figured out what we are up to.I just got off the most badass live internet event that we’ve ever done.
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Want To Know How To Make Money ?


Want To Know How To Make Money ?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard how more people are making money online with Empower Network, than ANY online based company on the internet.

I just looked up the search results for “how to make money”. The result showed over 5 million searches globally and 2,700,000 searches in this country alone per month, according to Google. What does this mean? It means that there are 5 million people out there every month that need your help.

We’re not talking measly hourly wages or  10% commissions. We are talking about 100% commissions on $25.00, $100, $500 and yes, even $1,000 commissions!!!

I just wanted to share with you an email that was sent to me this morning from one of our co-founders, David Wood. I copied this directly from my email:

Hi  Devin,


Had someone told me that we would be doing $328,000 in sales in a day when we launched Empower Network, I’m not sure my mind would have stretched there, yet…

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We are the Empower Network.  Think of it like this:

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get ready.  This is massive.

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“The Guru Slayer”

P.S.  As you know, we just installed a new commenting system on the blogs.  If 1,000 of us write 10 comments a day, that would be 100,000 comments in 10 days :)

The new system is badass – here’s the ‘post of the day’ to comment on:

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Time For A Change


Time For A Change?

Let’s face it. Today’s economy isn’t doing anyone any favors. Are you sick of your job and wanting to make a change? Granted, we all need to make a living. Though we may want to tell “the man” to ” take this job and shove it”, we have to be smart and not close that door just yet.Many of us are and we are doing something about it. Maybe it’s time for you to start an online business. Online businesses are a great alternative for those wanting to create an income in this day and age.

What are the benefits? Well first off is the obvious.

  • Setting your own hours and location.
  • Then there is, spending less money at the pump.
  • Less stress since you’re not having to deal with co-workers you just don’t like.
  • In this day and age many businesses are operated from a laptop or even a smart phone.
  • Are you sick of not getting paid for what your worth? The only thing limiting your online income would be you. No more asking for raises, create your own.
  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want.

What if I could show you away to get started down this path for as little as $25 ! Would you be interested? Would you like to know what over 50,000 people have learned in the last 11 months to be on their way to quitting their jobs are doing? Does the fact that some of these people are making more in a month than they did last year, intrigue you?

Maybe it’s time you received this free information to find out how this could change your life as it has so many others. Just drop me your email and I’ll get right with you on the details!

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